Cosmos 2359 + Other Obs
Tue, 9 Feb 1999 20:39:49 EST

Hello Everyone.

Cosmos 2359 (25376) brightened to about a +2.0 mag between Jupiter and alpha-
Pegasus this evening at 00:16:00 UTC (10 Feb).  I don't recall seeing this
object as bright.

For the second time in a week Okean 1-7 (aka Okean 4; 23317) was an UNID.
This evening at 00:40 UTC (10 Feb) it was about a mag 4.5 passing a few
degrees above gamma Pegasus.

On the topic of bright objects, two Delta rockets: Iridium 70 Delta r (25347)
and Iridium 82 Delta r (25472), made some bright, fast moving passes last week
in my area.   Both are in the mag +1.0 to +2.0 range and, since they are both
on Alan Pickup's dklist.tle file, they probably have only a few months left.

Don Gardner
39.1796 N,  76.8419 W, 34m ASL