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I've had my Telrad for 10 years now and it's still on the original set of
batteries!  I've found it to be very useful for pointing my 8-inch telescopes,
but it doesn't hack it on the 14.5-inch Dob...but I tend to use this 'scope at
fairly high power for deep sky observing.

I used it very successfully a few weeks ago to track down 25035, a tumbling
Centaur in a Molniya orbit, with the 8-inch Dob from heavily light-polluted
skies.  I have a very nice chart-rendering program that overlays Telrad
fields...I simply plot the coordinates from Mike McCants' HighFly output onto a
chart and lay the Telrad field over them.

Several years ago I was out in the Blue Ridge on an exceptionally clear June
evening.  I knew there was a good Mir pass coming, and had the 8-inch Dob ready
and waiting.  The Telrad allowed me to "lead" Mir after watching its path for a
few seconds...I was then able to acquire it at 48X magnification in the 'scope
and follow it for well over a minute.  I lost it once or twice, but was always
able to quickly re-acquire it.

Hope this helps...


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Does any one have experience with the Telrad finder, upside down and
reversed makes me feel like I am suffering from vertigo.