Superbird A update

Matson, Robert (
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 15:33:40 -0800

For our European observers,

Here's an update on Superbird A's predicted peak flash window.  Let
me reiterate that until someone observes the peak (flashes of at
least magnitude 4), the times below are only estimates based on
almost 3 months of forward extrapolation.  Accuracy is probably
within 20 minutes of being correct, and hopefully better.  Times
below are for Wednesday morning, Feb. 10th (UT):

3:19  Portugal
3:20  Spain
3:21  Ireland & Spain
3:22  Ireland & Spain
3:23  SW England, W. France, E. Spain
3:24  Scotland, England, W. France
3:25  E. England, central France (Paris)
3:26  Belgium, E. France
3:27  Netherlands, Luxembourg, E. France, W. Switzerland,
       NW Italy
3:28  S. Norway, Denmark, Germany, E. Switzerland, N. Italy
3:29  S. Norway, Denmark, Germany, W. Austria,
       Italy (Venice, Rome)
3:30  N. Norway, Sweden, E. Germany, Czech., Austria, S. Italy,
3:31  Sweden, W. Poland, Czech., E. Austria
3:32  N. Sweden, Poland, Czech., Hungary
3:33  Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, E. Poland, E. Czech, Hungary

Flashes are also visible from Russia; if anyone wants times
for a specific location there, please let me know.

If the flash times are reasonably accurate, peak flashes will be
occurring about 3 degrees north of delta-Librae.  Times shift
later on each subsequent night by anywhere from 60 seconds
to 90 seconds depending on your location.  Recent TLE from

Superbird A      2.4  2.6  2.2  6.2 d
1 20040U 89041A   99032.70682444 +.00000073 +00000-0 +10000-3 0 00788
2 20040 006.2556 055.9178 0004099 162.0750 198.0490 00.99747852034740

Clear skies! --Rob