Re: exciting observation

Mon, 08 Feb 1999 01:44:16 -0500

Donovan Kemp wrote:
>  prediction programmes (which still confuse me
> at this stage)

Just bring up any questions you may have. Someone here can help.

> As I am new to this hobby, may I ask which is the preferred software 

The best, and my preferred prediction program is QUICKSAT.  There is also SkyMap
which is good for visualizing paths through the sky.

>  where the best place is to get
> the tle files. 

If you go to my web site, below, there is a link to VISUAL.txt containing
elements for unclassified satellites brighter than mag 4.

>Something I'd really like to eventually progress to, is to be
> able to find and view geostationary satellites through a telescope. Is this
> tricky ?

It takes some patience. I've seen about 200 of the 400 that I've looked for.

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