Re: Znamya 2.5 cancelled.

Frank Weissferdt (
Fri, 5 Feb 1999 17:00:33 +0100

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>Hello folks,
>Today 5.02.1999 the Russians decided to cancel further attempts to unfold
>the Znamya 2.5.
>Also today at 1016UTC they have put Progress-M40, together with the mirror,
>on a destruction course.
>I am sorry, but this is the hard reality.


Hi all,

and sorry Bart for being slightly off topic with this, but reading Chris'
message i felt forced to comment on it. Considering the astronomical
community as being punished enough by the ever growing light pollution on
Earth, i think we need everything but the same in space. Thus i appreciated
hearing from the faulty experiment, and the decision not to
attempt a second trial. In my opinion shows like this aren't worth a single
glimpse, at least for the serious satellite observer. So, sorry Chris, but i
can't share your impression of a "hard reality" when the Russians decided
to put Progress-M40 on its reentry path. Let's hope for future attempts of
that kind to be unsuccessful as well.

Frank L. Weissferdt
Selters, Germany
COSPAR-Site 2654

P.S. Sorry for my former erratic posting (got a malfunction with my mail