RE: Binoculars fogging

Barhorst L.J.C. (
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 10:47:37 +0100

Charles Phillips wrote:

> Hi all,
> How can I keep my binoculars from fogging up on cold nights? 
> I know spitting on my diving mask works under water but I don't 
> think this is a wise solution for precision optics. Somebody must
> know some tricks for this.
	I've the same problem on cold nights or when the air humidity is
	Normally I use an anti-condens cloth (the same you use for your
	windscreen) but 'spitting' also works in case of an emergancy when 
	fogging starts just when you wants to make an observation. I then
	wet my finger and rub it over the lens, keeping an eye on the
	with my other eye.
	The use of an heated wire around the oculair, as done with some
	scopes could be an option, but perhaps a bit difficult to realize as
	the energy source.
	Hope that this will help.  

	Leo Barhorst