Mir's reboosts - was re: Znamya

Philip Chien (kc4yer@amsat.org)
Thu, 4 Feb 1999 15:39:05 -0500

jhunt@radix.net said:

>According to Don Horton's website, the final Mir orbit adjustment
>was made on Feb 02. The adjustment is barely noticeable and period
>remains the same from previous recent earlier elsets.

The Feb 2 boost was about 3.4 km in Mir's apogee (99033.62215070)

The Jan 29 boost was about 3.5 km in apogee (99029.93231147)

The Jan 27 boost was rather small - enough so I can't see it in the TLEs.

It seems strange that these boosts were scheduled as three separate burns,
I suspect that it may have been to tweak the orbit to match the sun angles
for Znamya over the planned target cities.

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