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John Carberry (
Thu, 04 Feb 1999 10:25:17 +0000

SKY News in the U.K. and Ireland are running Znamya as one of their main
stories at the moment. They show some rather nice footage of it floating
through space with the mirror spinning. They also say Russia plan to put
several up at some stage and use them to illuminate dark corners of the
world. They also said no permission has been sought from anywhere that's
being illuminated but that the details have been on the WWW for some time,
presumable implying that everyone has had plenty of time to object.

You may be happy to know that they pointed out astronomers objections to
the project and had a few lines from an astronomer explaining why.

Thay said it should be visible from the U.K. around 5. I think they meant 5
p.m. and they didn't say where in the U.K. it should be visible.

On a lighter note, from the desk of Mr. Monologue:

>Russia's Mir space station will attempt one of its most
>dramatic experiments Thursday, unfolding a giant mirror to
>reflect sunlight to the Earth.
     At his request, the superpowerful beam of pure
     sunlight will be focused directly onto George

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