ETS-6 photos

Ed Cannon (
Thu, 04 Feb 1999 02:44:00 -0600

In case it hasn't been mentioned already, for ETS-6 fans, I 
found on the NASDA (Japan) site four pages of thumbnail 
photos of ETS-6 that of course are linked to larger photos.  
The first one on the first page is an artist's conception of 
it in orbit; if memory serves the second one was a photo of 
a full-sized mock-up, except that it had only one of the two 
solar panels.  Here's the URL:

Of possible interest also is the artist's conception (a 
file about 75K) of ETS-8 (actually, "ETS VIII"), planned for 
launch in 2002:

Very interesting looking configuration!  Information on ETS-8:

Wednesday evening here we had a knock-out -8 flare from 
Iridium 35!  One of my co-workers who was still around the 
office went outside to see it with me.  It sure is great to 
have those predictions!

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA