UnId LEO or Decayer?

Jim Nix (nixj@bellsouth.net)
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 15:33:53 -0600

Hi all,

   While waiting to observe NOSS 2-3 trio I observed a fast moving
object going N to S
near zenith.  Mag 1.5.  No such object of this mag was predicted using
A skymap & Satspy search came up negative on preliminary check.  I
wasn't quite set
up when it passed.  I was also using a less than favorable location near
home so good
reference stars were not available.  I timed two estimated positions,
positional accuracy
is bad as I could only roughly estimate elevation or distance between
stars, but did use a compass to get a bearing on the second postion (I
did not adjust for Deviation).  I'll estimate a possible error of 6
degrees or a circle of diameter 6d. I converted the estimated locales to
approximate Equatorial coordinates.I observed naked eye mainly and used
binoculars on the latter part of the pass to note flash or rotation but
could discern none.  Not an aircraft unless its classified. (85 d in
less than 2 min?). The trajectory is close to that of Meteor 2-18 and
Cosmos 1092 Rk both which passed 5 minutes later (unobserved by myself).
I noted the pass of the UnId was much faster than the two
"Rycckuu" objects.

Observing Location:
35.2122726  -89.9355850   101m         Feb 3, 1999 times GMT,  Epoch
position 1  00:13:19     001319.00+042143.64 vicinity of 53 Per
position 2  00:15:00     034753.84+460959.00  vicinity of Rho Fornax

Anyone want to offer some candidates? I have yet to check Alans dk.tle
or run
skymap without lighting constraints.