re: Znamya brightness

Philip Chien (
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 09:21:58 -0500

"Matson, Robert" <> said:

>But the main difference is flatness.  Znamya is definitely not as flat.
>The spot size they quote (up to 8 km)
>, or the true
>"spot size" is larger than they have indicated.  --Rob

I suspect that this is the case.  I highly doubt that the reflector can be
perfect enough to create a "beam" of light with a sharp terminator between
the lit region and unlit areas.  My reading is the "spot" is the brightest
portion on the ground.  Presumably it will be surrounded by a less bright
region depending on how flat the surface is when it's deployed.  Overall if
you integrate the entire brightness of the projected area it should make up
for the difference between the quoted and calculated brightness.

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