Re: Znamya Test Over Quebec City

Johannes Mueller (
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 02:32:29


Daniel wrote:

>I'm preparing an expedition to observe the phenomena to the east of
>Quebec City. Since the sun's reflection will move along a path only 6
>to 8 km wide, I'll check with the last minute elset to have better chance
>of being right underneath.

I'm also preparing an observation here in Germany (hopefully the weather
permits). The russian web-site says, that a line between Liege (Belgium)
and Frankfurt (Germany) will be illuminated. On my way back home from
office, I will cross this line somewhere close to Frankfurt.

I've read, that the actual experiment is, instead of previous ones,

So the question is, should I look for the Liege - Frankfurt line, or better
for a overhead-pass, which will show up (with up-to-date elsets) surely a
different observation-point?

Any suggestions?

Johannes Mueller

Johannes Mueller
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