Re: Znamya Test Over Quebec City

Dale Ireland (
Tue, 02 Feb 1999 13:38:55 -0800

I suspect the beam will only be visible in the area at which it is directed, just
like iridium flares, not all the way down to D.C.
However I would like to remind everyone of the experience of the last Znamya test.
After it is released, supposedly after the Vancouver-Calgary pass it will start to
tumble and distort and it decays very rapidly. I watched the last test from
Seattle a few years ago, six hours after release the mirror was more than 15
minutes ahead or the MIR and it was tumbling and producing brighter than -6
flashes. So I would recommend looking for it in the hours past release from
anywhere along it's path but much ahead of predicted time and even if the passes
are low.
Dale wrote:

> The Znamya test over Quebec City on 4 February, 23:56 UTC (18:56 local) will
> be visible in the DC area and to the north.  The entry into eclipse occurs at
> 18:57:30 due north at 14 deg above the horizon from this area.  Since the
> mirror will be focused on Quebec City I'm not quite sure what to expect but it
> should be worth a look.