Re: EGP (and Starshine)

Barhorst L.J.C. (
Tue, 02 Feb 1999 09:32:23 +0100

The last days there has been some talk about Starshine and subsequencially
about EGP (= AJISAI or 86- 61 A).

Most of the times I observe satellites I also take a look at EGP as it makes
a pass. It is an easy object and a very nice view. As said the magnitude is
4. It flashes with distinct flashes, most of the time three in a row and
then one 
'missing' or in PPAS-notation FFF-FFF-FFF.
Sometimes a fourth flash is visible, usually fainter. During parts of the
pass EGP
shows continious flashing.
The timing of the flashes is difficult, as the period of the above flash
sequence is
about 1.74 seconds.
I count on the 'missing' flash or when EGp is flashing continiously on the
flash of the series, as it is the brightest.

Have fun observing it

Greetings and clear skies
Leo Barhorst
52.77 N 5.09 E 2 m ASL