RE: Starshine

Tony Beresford (
Tue, 02 Feb 1999 15:57:11 +1030

At 11:03 2/02/99 , Ricky Cain wrote:
>It seems that they could have accomplished the same thing by tracking
>existing satellites, asteroids or comets. I agree, a disco ball is the last
>thing I want in my sky!
The sense of participation endgenered by the activity of preparing the
one inch flats couldnt be roused any other way Rick. As a tracking and
density determnination exercise I agree with you. Given the pattern
of visiblities for observerst 35 deg latitude for a 51.6 degree orbit,
[like MIR and ISS], I am doubtful they will get a good enough
spread of observations to determine drag variations the scientific aim
of the project. Of course they may have recruited schools in Canada
and western Europe to give adequate coverage.
Tony Beresford