Re: Znamya mirror experiment info update

Agapov Vladimir (
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 14:30:15 +0300 (MSK)


Moscow time (MST) is UTC+3h. So, if pass time is 0430 Moscow time
this equal to 0130 UTC. MST (or so called Moscow Decree Time) is
standard time scale used Russian spacecraft controllers.
As for term "day orbit", it is used by controllers of Mir
as some convenient one. Each day ground trace of one of current
orbits is passing close to the some "fictitious" ground trace which
we are using as "reference". Orbit with such ground trace we are
calling "1st day orbit". Ascending node of the 1st day orbit is
the first one which is situated westwards of 17E and it's
longitude is most close to 17E. Making few day propagation for
Mir orbit you will see that there are two typical days - with 15 or
with 16 day orbits. Such count is very useful for us during
flight planning, including launch of Progress and Soyuz which
is always take place on the 1st day orbit, standard docking
strategy which foresees close approach and docking oh the 2nd
day orbit etc.
Depending of 15 or 16-orbit day we have all visibility zones
for ground stations are on 12th-15th,1th-5th or 13th-16th,1th-5th
day orbits.

Best regards,
   Vladimir Agapov.