re: HS 601 and Telestar 401

Philip Chien (
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 04:02:15 -0500

Paul H Mohlman <> said:

>Hughes satellites, especially the HS601 and the HS601HP varients, probably
>have a certain signature glint.  Is there a complied set of data on which
>ones have/are tumbling or ot of assigned orbit?

The only HS-601 which has failed in orbit (as opposed to launch vehicle
problem) is the infamous Galaxy 4.

>Does anyone have any photos,data or info on Telstar 401, that failed suddenly
>(complete and sudden electrical power shutdown).

Check out "Satellite Times", there was an issue where the failure was
analyzed in detail.  I forget which issue, and modesty prevents me from
mentioning the author's name. ;-)

Telstar 401 was a GE-7000 series satellite, not a Hughes HS-601.
Neverthless form follows function, so most of the large geo comsats are
superficially similar - a box-shaped main structure with two large solar

Even within a given satellite bus there are many variations, for example
HS-601 customers can specify how many solar array panels depending on their
power requirements.

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