cosmos 1043

Fri, 27 Feb 1998 10:27:32 EST

Hello Everyone:

I was out in poor conditions last night looking for the Magion 5 r1 when I
observed a very fast moving object.  At first I thought It was a low flying
jet because of its speed across the sky, but it had no flashing strobes or
noise associated with it.  I have never seen a satellite move so fast.  It was
fairly bright at magnitude 2.5 to 3 and flashing  irregularly. I could'nt
follow it for too long since it sped across the sky so fast.  The time was Feb
27, 00:15:00 UT plus or minus a couple minutes.  A minute later I observed the
Magion at a very bright 1st mag.  My first viewing of this sat.

When I got home, I used Satspy 2.5 and Molczan tle's to find the unidentified
speedster I had seen and was amazed to find that I had accidently stumbled
onto Cosmos 1043.  I guess It was my lucky night.

Dan Poeder
Wyoming, Michigan