Iridflar 1.52 released.

Neil Clifford (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 14:53:07 +0000 (GMT)

You lucky, lucky people - Rob Matson has released a new version of
Iridflar which can be found at

[approx. 369 kB]

Some details from Rob:

|>* menu-driven (ANSI.SYS must be loaded for menus to work)
|>* displays distance and bearing to maximum flare
|>* can input your site coordinates by name (i.e. like SkyMap)
|>* can run in batch mode
|>* configuration files now more like .INI files (and SkyMap)
|>* better filtering-out of non-Iridium satellites
|>* predicted magnitude equation adjusted (a little brighter)
|>* flag to automatically load the current date as the start date
|>* separate visual magnitude filters for day and night
|>* will now find multiple flares per pass when they occur
|>There are practically *guaranteed* to be bugs, but I think I've
|>snooped out the worst of them.
|>This version will run on machines with or without a coprocessor.

have fun! :-)

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