Iridium Flares and GSOC

brixham (
Mon, 23 Feb 1998 12:14:47 +0000

I ran Iridflar on the 21/2 and found I had two flares predicted for the
22nd, I told a friend who forgot the time and checked on the GSOC site
where no flares were predicted. About 4 minutes before the flares were due
I saw an unpredicted flare to my SE at about 45 elv. Caught the end of that
flare, it was about mag -3 but I don't know how bright it went to.
The predicted flares were -7 from Iridium 38 at 20.09.14 and -3 from
Iridium 20 34 seconds later to the North of me.
Unlike predicted I saw the -3 flare first followed by the -7 (My first
monster flare sighting).
I guess my sighting of a flare SE was 20 or 38 on it's way over.
So thanks Rob Matson for Iridflar, had I belived GSOC I would not have seen

Regards Steve Daniels
Paignton, Devon, UK.
50.245N 3.34W