H-2 COMETS in trouble - was Possible H2-Comet Elsets

Philip Chien (kc4yer@amsat.org)
Sat, 21 Feb 1998 15:19:00 -0400

Ron Lee <ronlee@pcisys.net> said:

>Just found another elset from a recent launch.  If this is the
>H2 launch, it would appear that there may be a problem IF you
>assume that the transfer orbit burn would have occurred within
>30 minutes of launch.

Yup.  I checked the element set and it was clearly either an H-2 from Japan
or a Long March from China based on the RAAN and inclination.  But I don't
believe there was a Chinese launch scheduled today.

Here's the H-2 NASDA Web page -


no word of the failure as of 20:18 GMT but I'd bet that my friends at
Florida Today have something on their page.

I believe this is the first failure of a NASDA launch vehicle.

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