Re: Skymap v. SkyMap

J.C. Millot (
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 07:51:59 +1100

>>Richard and Neil commented that the SkyMaps are different.  Obviously
>>does sat predictions.  I took a quick look at Chris' and didn't find
>>anything not in Rob's.  Rob's also seemed much easier to use.  Limiting
>>this to stars and planets (no deep sky stuff),  can anyone list specific
>>advantages of Chris over Rob?  Also the other way around.

Hi all,

I use both programs and they are quite different.
I use Chris' Skymap since 1994 for what it is, a Windows planetarium. I have
an old version but the last one have 259000 stars and 10000 deep sky
objects. You can add comets elements, you have an eyepiece database to show
you the real size of the sky seen inside you eyepiece, toolbars to add or
hide objects, to change time and many more features you will find at Chris
Mariott's web site:
The new versions can make satellite prediction pass but I do not use it for
I also us Dance of the Planets as planetarium program.

I use Rob's SkyMap only for a few months. I do my nightly satellite
predictions with it together with some of Alphonse Pouplier's programs.

I think both programs are very valuable.
Message to Rob: I have no easy way of sending a small amount of money to you
from New Caledonia but I will find another way to thank you for your
sofware. :-)

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