ANNOUNCE: Newsgroup VOTING Now Open

Jim Varney (
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 18:49:57 -0800

We Need Your Help: Please Vote On The Newsgroup Proposal

The time to vote on the proposal to create a Usenet newsgroup 
devoted to satellite observing is now here.  

You can help make the voting process go smoothly by observing
a few Usenet rules.  Most importantly, the ballot (called the
"Call For Votes" or CFV) may not redistributed by anyone.
Please do not make copies of the ballot and e-mail it to 
others.  It may not be posted on the web.

Voting will be conducted by a neutral Usenet volunteer votetaker.

To vote, you obtain a ballot and e-mail it back to the

There are two ways to obtain a ballot:

1. From one of the following Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,
news.groups, sci.astro, sci.astro.amateur, sci.astro.planetarium,, or

2. By e-mail from the votetaker.  The votetaker's e-mail address
is: David Bostwick <>  Simply
request a ballot for sci.astro.satellites.visual-observe and
Mr. Bostwick will be glad to send you one.

Please read the CFV document for full instructions on how to vote.

Why Your Help Is Needed

In order for the newsgroup to succeed, we need A LOT OF VOTES.  

In order to pass there must be a two-thirds majority and YES 
must exceed NO votes by a margin of at least 100.  I can't
overemphasize: WE NEED HUNDREDS OF VOTES.  You can vote yes,
no or abstain.

Let's have a big turnout from SeeSat-L to show that
satellite observing is a growing, vibrant hobby with a lot
of people who are interested in this topic.

Currently, there are people -- usually beginners -- who ask
"What satellite was that?" "How do I make my own predictions?"
on groups such as sci.astro.amateur or
Having a newsgroup devoted only to satellite watching will
encourage novices to post their questions -- they will feel
safe that their questions are being posted in the right
forum.  Some of those newcomers will learn and grow and 
become valuable subscribers to SeeSat-L.

Four of us (in no particular order) -- Jay Resper, 
Bart De Pontieu, Jeff Hunt, Jim Varney -- have spent weeks 
of effort writing the RFD, answering RFD questions and guiding 
this proposal through the complicated Usenet process.  All 
we ask in return is for you to take a minute and VOTE.

Thank you!
Jim Varney     121.398 W, 38.458 N, 8m     Sacramento, Calif.
Member, Sacramento Valley Astronomical Society