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As some of you already know, SeeSat-L has a FAQ (Frequently
Asked Questions document).  It is and always will be a "work
in progress", as facts, circumstances, and knowlege changes.
Parts of the FAQ remain "under construction", as well.  In
other words, the SeeSat-L FAQ is not perfect and never will
be.  But it organizes the collective knowlege and experience
of *many* individuals on this list.  As such, I have found it
quite impressive, very useful, and most interesting -- even
in its current incomplete state!

MANY THANKS are due to the individuals who have written FAQ
sections, reviewed material, painstakingly researched facts,
offered helpful comments, and in general, contributed in one
way or another to the FAQ so far.  That list of individuals
includes almost every member of UseSat-L, plus a few others.

The FAQ (plain ascii text) is now available at the URL:

That directory contains the following files:

   Chapter-00  Table of Contents
   Chapter-01  What Is "Visual Satellite Observing"?
   Chapter-02  How Can I Predict When A Satellite Is Visible?
   Chapter-03  What Are The Different Types Of Satellites?
   Chapter-04  What Are The Different Kinds Of Satellite Orbits?
   Chapter-05  What Are The Mechanics Of A Satellite In Orbit?
   Chapter-06  What Can I Expect To See When I Look At Satellites?
   Chapter-07  Satellite Observations: More Than Just Looking
   Chapter-08  What Are Some Of The Rockets Used To Place Satellites In Orbit?
   Chapter-09  What Are Some Of The Ground Facilities In Use Today?
   Chapter-10  What Are Some Of The Satellites That Can Be Seen?
   Chapter-11  Miscellaneous Questions
   Chapter-12  Where Can I Learn More?
   Chapter-13  Glossary
   Status      <summary of completion status by FAQ section>

The SeeSat-L FAQ is also being mirrored (with possible update
delay) on Neil Clifford's FTP site and Mike McCants' FTP site.

Comments about the FAQ are welcome -- but not on SeeSat-L !!!
Please direct gripes, compliments, comments, suggestions, and
so on about the FAQ to the UseSat-L discussion list:

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  SeeSat-L FAQ Editor

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