Re: Globalstar flares; definition of "LEO"
Mon, 16 Feb 98 09:01:08

--- On Mon, 16 Feb 1998 03:46:35 -0600  Ed Cannon 
<> wrote in part:

>The Globalstar people say "low Earth orbit" is less than 1500 km.
>Another definition I read somewhere said below 1000 km.  A third 
>one said anything below geosynchronous!  What's the definitive 
>definition of LEO?

The definition of LEO I've seen (sorry, I presently can't find the 
reference source) is a satellite with an orbital period of 225 minutes or 
less. A satellite in a highly elliptical orbit with a period of 225 
minutes would have a high apogee.

highly elliptical example: 

NORAD 22879/COSPAR 1993-068C 
11,396 x 190 km orbit with a period of 223 minutes

Whereas, a satellite in a nearly circular orbit would have an altitude of 
over 5800 km.

near circular example:

NORAD 3307/COSPAR 1968-055A
5864 x 5832 km orbit with a period of 224 minutes

Jeff Hunt <>