re: Cosmos 1220

Walter Nissen (dk058@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Sat, 14 Feb 1998 10:20:46 -0500 (EST)

Dan Poeder writes: 
> For the last two nights I have observed the cosmos 1220 satellite (#12054). 
> In my satspy program the estimated magnitude was around 3.5, so when I 
> witnessed my first observation I was very much surprised at a nearly 0.5 
> magnitude pass.  This is a very bright satellite. 
> I checked up on Jay Respler's list of "Some Brighter Satellites" and seen it 
> listed at the bottom of the list at mag 4.9. 
Yours strike me as good OBS, as I recall similar.  The brightness is not a 
surprise to me as reference to my lists of bright satellites finds 
"SPX490-Bright Object List", or, listing C* 1220 = 
12054 = 80- 89 A at a maximum magnitude of 0.  My lists can readily be 
found by an AltaVista Advanced Search for, e.g., "Nissen and Goddard and 
Cosmos" or "Nissen and Cosmos and 1220". 
Please understand that this message is intended to support the likelihood 
of the accuracy of your observation, and is not intended to diminish your 
observation, nor your report.  It is good to hear when observers are 
surprised.  No doubt such surprise is a fair part of the lure of the 
majestically arcing. 
Walter Nissen         
-81.8637, 41.3735, 256m elevation


Carpe noctem!