Re: Rocket debris (Galaxy 7 launch)

Ron Lee (
Sat, 14 Feb 1998 07:06:05 -0700

>>Internatl.                   Catalog Object Launch Period Incli- Apogee
>>Designation  Name            Number  Source Date   Mins.  nation KM     KM
>>1992-072E    ARIANE 42P+ DEB 25150   ESA    28 Oct  237.2    7.6  12450
>>1992-072F    ARIANE 42P+ DEB 25151   ESA    28 Oct  438.1    6.6  25097
>This is the Galaxy 7 launch from about five years ago.  The parameters are
>clearly that of an object in GTO.  The only GTO object was the Ariane 3rd
>stage since this was a single satellite launch (e.g. no SPELDA).

>Philip Chien, KC4YER

I did delete the part of the posting about Philip being a world famous great
and wondrous neat guy!

However, please explain something about these two objects.   Note that the 
apogees are 12450 and 25097 km.   If there was only one "debris" piece...the
Ariane rocket, and IF, repeat IF, the initial insertion into GTO placed the 
payload into an orbit where the apogee was at GEO altitude, how would you get
a piece with an apogee as low as 12450 km?

Could it be perturbations or increased drag at the 184 km perigee?   Probably
need to have Mike McCants or someone else with a big telescope look at these 

Also note the one degree difference in inclination.  Is it possible these are
really from two different launches?

Ron Lee