Satellites in Eclipse

Eberst (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 19:03:25 +0100

I realise this message has no Visual Satellite Observing content, but am
that it would be acceptable by the positive response that I have received.

On February 26, 1998 there is a total eclipse of the Sun. Some of you will be
travelling to Central America or the Caribbean to experience this wondrous
spectacle of nature.  Satellites too can experience eclipse, cutting down the
light that they reflect for us to be able to observe them.  An inspection of
the eclipse track diagrams indicates that once the Umbra leaves the Earth's
at around 19:09 U.T. it is possible it will envelope any satellites in the
of 30North, 10West.  A list of a few possible satellites is given below, and it
would be interesting to investigate if any of these is likely to disappear, not
in the Earth's shadow but into the Lunar shadow.

06153 OAO 3     06207 Cos521R   12457 Meteor2-7R        12465 Cos1271R
12443 Cos1269R  10856 OTS 2R    04391/2 Mao 1 & R       19195 Cos1950
15595 Geosat    25039 Iridium43 25040 Iridium41         25043 Iridium38
23793 Cos2328R  24285 Fast
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             West:  3 degrees, 8 minutes, 18 seconds: 
             43metres (150 feet) above sea-level