Standard format for observations And NEW EMAIL ADDRESS

Sun, 08 Feb 1998 00:58:09 -0500

First, please note my email address is changed from

Shari & Ian Porter wrote:

> While I agree that a standardised format is desirable for observations,
> I feel that the format should be chosen to suit those that are actualy
> using the observations to generate elsets, does the RGO meet this
> criteria?
> Certainly fitelm and elcor use different formats. I report observations
> specificly in a format suggested by Mike McCants, and I would like to
> make life as easy as possible for those that make the time to do the
> analysis.

While I haven't been able to observe much recently, when I do, I send
them to Mike and Rainer.  As Ian stated above, if they do the work, I'll
report in whatever format they want.  That should become the standard
reporting format.

Jay Respler

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