Australia Alert for Globalstar Launch

Ron Lee (
Sat, 07 Feb 1998 20:06:39 -0700

Seems that Tony and Ian are roughly in the same part of
Australia and in a good position to see the separation of the 
two upper GlobalStars sunday evening (their time).   The launch
time is still 13:22 UT but the window extends to about 14:37 UT.

Info on the separation sequence is as follows:

1:02:50         Manuever to separation altitide for upper two spacecraft
1:08:20         Separate upper two spacecraft
1:10:00         Manuever to separation altitide for lower two spacecraft
1:12:30         Separate lower two spacecraft

They may want to check out this site for near real-time updates
on the launch:

Since I will awaken about launch time (6:22 local), I will check
the site and forward email to Tony and Ian if the launch occurs
or a delay is announced.  If a delayed launch, I will generate
a new elset....even though you guys may be able to make the changes.

If you use AZ/EL, then only the time will change...minute for minute
later.   The GlobalStar  elset is repeated just in case.  I am also
going to send a copy of this posting directly to each to test the time
transit without going through Seesat.   Time sent will be 3:07 UT on
8 feb 98.

Globalstar, Delta, 13:22 UT, 8 Feb 98
1 90909U 98-0xx A 98039.60439815  .00000500  00000-0  00000-0 0    19
2 90909  51.9950 235.7548 0032401 143.0880 125.0080 13.04500000    16

Ron Lee