RE: Next Iridium launch
Thu, 5 Feb 98 10:01:59


Boeing information specfic to MS-7 is found at

Included is an orbital trace for up to 1hr 46min into the 2nd stage 
depletion burn (/ms7book4.htm).

Jeff Hunt <>  
(the 2 is optional as there are two servers)

--- On Wed, 04 Feb 1998 23:16:54 -0600  Ed Cannon 
<> wrote:

>FLORIDA TODAY Space Online's extended launch schedule for Feb. 4:
>reports the next Iridium launch is scheduled for Feb. 11, with
>the time "TBD".
>Would the Delta on this one be called "Iridium 7 rocket" since it's
>"Iridium Mission 7"?