Re: USA News Broadcast on Military Sats.

Jim Holland (
Wed, 04 Feb 1998 21:33:12 -0500

Does anyone know the names of these Recon Sats?

Jim wrote:

> I hope that this isn't too far "off-topic".   It's been so cloudy and rainy in
> Maryland over the last 3 weeks that even a news broadcast seems better than
> nothing.
> CBS evening news is running a 2-part series on US military satellites.
> Tonight's first part had film of some Titan launches and showed some
> satellites in storage.  They were never identified by name.  It was produced
> with the cooperation of the government - not an expose.
> Part 2 is tomorrow evening, February 5th.
> There is a brief description of the piece at:
> Cheers.
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