RE: Iridium Flares ground projection (fwd)

Gunnar Glitscher (
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 03:34:16 +0100

Tyler MacKenzie schrieb:
> > I'd think the full moon shines at mag -12.4, a bright flare about -8.4,
> > or only 40 times fainter. Full moonshine is quite bright and casts
> shadows,
> > but it still makes forty times fainter really difficult ?
> sorry, for some reason I was thinking the full moon was c. -18 but that
> would probably be a little bright. (i was doing this in my head...) if
> it's really -12.4 then about 2% of moon sounds right, which would be dim
> shadows.  does venus cast visible shadows? i've heard of bright meteors
> (-8, -10 range i would assume) casting them. who knows? so who among you
> is going to be the first to turn your back on a monster-flare to look for
> your shadow?
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