Re: Slow Iridium?
Tue, 3 Feb 1998 15:33:50 +2000


Well, you probably got the [admin] explanation of the multiple 
messages already, so I'll spare you an explanation.

About the Iridium. I used the online GSOC DLR site for the 
predictions. I have since used Skymap and Alldat.tle to determine any 
other satelite matches. The closest I've come is the cosmos 1447 Rk. 
Here are the predictions for the Iridium and cosmos:

98/ 1/30 
21:51:30 114deg 38deg  
21:52:04 101deg 38deg 
21:53:04  80deg 36deg   5.7 13917 Cosmos 1447 Rk 
98/ 1/30 
21:51:30 151deg 19deg  
21:54:31 100deg 36deg  
21:54:31 100deg 36deg   6.0 24870 Iridium 17

As you can see the sats crossed almost exactly the same spot, the 
only difference being almost 2 minutes. The confusion was due to the 
fact that my watch doesn't have a light and I couldn't see the exact 
time until after a few minutes later. Also, the cosmos must have 
flared otherwise I wouldn't have spotted it.

Neil Broers

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