Re: Help with ID of flasher

Ron Lee (
Mon, 02 Feb 1998 19:09:15 -0700

My best analysis is that it was Sampex rocket, #22013, 92038B.

I do not know about its flash pattern, but being a rocket body
it likely has one.  Since it is bright, I may go out and look
for it.  Perhaps someone can check the archive for Sampex Rkt
flash timing.

Ron Lee

PS, I Used Rob Matson's Skymap and Mike McCant's Alldat.tle elset

>Hello Satell-ites :->
>	I've been lurking here for a while, and was wondering if someone could 
>help me ID a flashing satellite I witnessed Sunday AM. 
>	Here are the particulars: Location, NJAA Observatory, High Bridge NJ. 
>74d 53' 54" West,	
>40d 40' 52" North, Elevation 830 ft (253 M).
>	Time 0509 EST (1009 UT) on Feb 1. The +1 (3rd) flash occurred at 
>approximately azimuth 105, elev 60; this was RA 16 H 5 m  Dec +28 (just 
>below Corona Borealis). The path was roughly SW to NE; 
>Wayne T Hally
>NJAA Meteor Research Coordinator