Re: good wristwatch for seesatters?

Tony Beresford (
Mon, 02 Feb 1998 16:20:27 +1000

At 18:56 1/02/98 -0600, Joe Dellinger wrote:
>	Has anyone found the "ideal wristwatch for satellite observation"?
>	Ideally, it would:
>1) be very accurate (better than the typical 15 seconds/month accuracy)
>2) have at least two alarms (to warn you to start paying close attention
>   at the crucial time), ideally settable to the second instead of just
>   the minute
>3) have chronometer functions for timing events
>4) even better would be to have a button you could push that would cause
>   it to save the time of an event for later reference
>	Any recommendations?
>	(Perhaps better to just reply to me, and I'll summarize to the
>mailing list once all the "votes are in".)
Tried sendig this privately but your server bounced me, so it goes
to whole list.
Joe, I dont think a wristwatch is a good choice for satellite observing.
The buttons are too small to be cleanly found and pressed in the dark.
I have enough trouble with the buttons on my current stopwatch.
I use a Robic SC-800 sports chronometer. It stores at least 60 lap
times . [thats how I measured GORIZON 23 flashes so easily]
I understand its about US$60 in the US. Mike McCants very kindly
 bought it for me as they are available, but expensive in Australia.
For that I owe him a drink somewhere/sometime.
I am interested in your comment about accuracy of wristwatches.
All the ones I have had the last 10 years only had a rate
near 4-5 seconds a month, one maybe 10. Mind you these
were Radio shack ones not the real cheapies.
I always find its the buttons that stop working, mostly
thru corrosion from sweat.

Tony Beresford