Re: Obs of #19210

vince gardiner (
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 10:43:45 +1000

Rob Matson wrote
>I'm sure this is on someone's flash list somewhere, but I observed #19210
>on 2/20/97 from around 3:23 to 3:25UT flashing with a complex flash
>Didn't have a stopwatch handy at the time, and my memory has faded
>somewhat since then, but I seem to recall that the period between primary
>flashes was something like 5 or 6 seconds. Could have been longer, but not
>shorter. Peak flashes were perhaps 3rd magnitude.  --Rob

Rob's observations compare favourably with my two reports of this object
(88- 50 A).
The latest of Feb 23rd had a mag 3.5->inv flash pattern A'fA' with
secondary flash mag4. Time period was 11.643 which compares very well
his 5 or 6 seconds if my secondary flash was a little brighter and
My obs of November 13th 1996 indicated a more complex flash pattern of
F'fffF' mag 2.5->inv with secondary flashes mag 4.5 .The flash periods
averaged 10.077secs. It would appear to have a couple of small
to make up the extra two secondary flashes seen on this occasion.

Vince Gardiner.
Coffs Harbour N.S.W. Australia
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