Possible decay obs on Feb 23

Alan Pickup (alan@wingar.demon.co.uk)
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 21:00:19 +0000

In message <199702271853.NAA26090@phoenix.grove.net>, Larry Van Horn
<steditor@grove.net> writes
>I just had a call here in the ST office from an amateur astronomer who saw a
>possible reentry last Sunday morning. He was observing Hale Bopp with
>binoculars and saw a bright object traveling north to south
>(polar/descending) reenter the atmosphere. He is very familiar with
>meteorites, etc, and he is convinced it was of terrestrial origin.
>He first observed the reentering body at 1016 UTC 23 February in the
>constellation Bootes saw it travel through Ophiuchus toward Scorpius. He
>lives near Philly in the town of Mt. Joy, PA and all this was happening to
>his south.
>I have checked the weekly sat summary at OIG and find nothing. Anyone else
>see anything Sunday morning about 5:16 am Eastern that might have been a
>satellite/rocket/debris reentry? 

The closest decay I can come up with is that of the Pegasus debris 
#24616 = 94- 29 ZU at about 07h UT on February 22 (82 deg inclination
but orbital plane wrong for USA visibility). Then nothing until 
#1686 = 65- 82 AZ (OV2-1/LCS 2 deb) and #23964 = 94- 29 M (another 
STEP-2 Pegasus deb) which both probably decayed today (27th).

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