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Eric Rosenberg (erosenberg@orbcomm.net)
Thu, 27 Feb 97 14:07:52 est

I *believe* there was a sub-orbital launch from Wallops Island last 

That might have been it...

Eric Rosenberg
Washington, DC

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Author:  SeeSat-L@cds.plasma.mpe-garching.mpg.de at #internet
Date:    2/27/97 1:57 PM

Hello fellow Seesaters,

I just had a call here in the ST office from an amateur astronomer who saw a
possible reentry last Sunday morning. He was observing Hale Bopp with
binoculars and saw a bright object traveling north to south
(polar/descending) reenter the atmosphere. He is very familiar with
meteorites, etc, and he is convinced it was of terrestrial origin.

He first observed the reentering body at 1016 UTC 23 February in the
constellation Bootes saw it travel through Ophiuchus toward Scorpius. He
lives near Philly in the town of Mt. Joy, PA and all this was happening to
his south.

I have checked the weekly sat summary at OIG and find nothing. Anyone else
see anything Sunday morning about 5:16 am Eastern that might have been a
satellite/rocket/debris reentry? 

Any help would be appreciate and you can reply via return email.

Hoping for some clear skies soon and best regards to all,

Larry Van Horn
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