Review of Robic 900S Sports Chronometer

Ron Lee (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 18:17:40 -0700 (MST)

After having problems activating the small buttons on my
watch during cold weather, I decided to purchase something
with bigger buttons.  After too much store to store shopping,
I selected the Robic 900S.

It has several sports related functions that I have not yet
ELECTRONIC PACER.  It also has a DATE/TIME function.  My 
interest is as a multi-lap timer for recording flash intervals. 

That capability seems very good.  It records up to 100 laps
to 0.001 second accuracy.  For each lap, it records the time
from the previous lap point and the total time since starting
the stopwatch.

As I am using it now to record Superbird A flashes, I start
the stopwatch at a convenient time (typically on a 10 min
interval).    Upon completion of the obs, I record each interval
and the total time from the zero point.  This allows me to 
determine any observational errors and actual time.  Each 
lap also has a lap number.  I use that to record info about a

The activating buttons are located on the top.  One button starts
the process and the other is used for laps.  It is easy to discern
which button is which by feeling for the recessed display on the
front of the unit.

I believe someone recently advised against this unit for some
reason.  There may be better units but this was the only one
available (mail order stopwatches were not researched) but it
has been a vast improvement over my wrist watch. It cost about
$42  (USD).

Comments on better units are welcome.

Ron Lee