Re: Bright diffuse glow

Mon, 24 Feb 97 11:38:49 PST

I observed a diffuse glow Sunday evening, Feb 23  at 7:55pm Pacific time
(03:55 UTC) near Gemini.  I don't know how long the glow was there before
I noticed it.  It lasted about 15 minutes.  It was cone-shaped, about
2 degrees long.  Just today a posting about a November observation of a
similiar diffuse glow was sent to Seesat-L.  I thought the report was
another observation of what I saw last night, until I noticed the date
was wrong!

The glow was situated below Gemini, 20 deg. to the right of Procyon.
No detail was seen through 7x50's or through a small newtonian.  Motion
was fixed with respect to the star background.  There were absolutely
no clouds visible anywhere, with excellent transparency.  Although the
full moon had risen shortly before, it was still very low and not in my
direct line of sight.

My location is Marina, California, about 110 mi. south of San Francisco.
36.41.04 N   -121.48.0 W
36.6860      -121.8054

Craig Cholar   3432P@VM1.CC.NPS.NAVY.MIL