Superbird A; Colorado; 18 Feb 97, Long Report

Ron Lee (
Tue, 18 Feb 1997 10:23:11 -0700 (MST)

The initial set of bright flashes were seen at about
02:28 UT (18 Feb 97).  The first recorded flash was at
02:28:14.14 UT.  The ramp up in brightness was relatively
quick.  within two minutes, I was able to discern brightness
differences bewteen the flashes (11.7 sec spacing).

The flashes starting at 02:30:26.6 (and at 23.4 sec intervals)
until 02:33:33.67 were brighter than the flashes before.

Took about 20 seconds to try to see it visually.  Gibbous
moon impacted attempt but will assume from negative sighting
that the maximum magnitude is in the 4th magnitude range.

After resuming telescopic obs, I noted that flashes at
02:36:05.72, 02:36:29.13 and 02:36:52.5 UT were brighter
than the ones before (11.7 seconds earlier).   This is
indicative (I assume) of a shifting in the solar array 
reflecting more light.

My best determination of a period during these obs is
23.39 +/- 0.01 second.

the 11.7 sec flashes continued until about 02:38:49.54 UT
when I observed 4 flashes at 23.4 seconds.  Four flashes
at 11.7 seconds then some periods of invisiblility.  at
02:46:02.0 UT i resumed flashes at 23.4 second intervals.