Superbird A; Colorado, 18 Feb 97, Initial Report

Ron Lee (
Tue, 18 Feb 1997 07:29:40 -0700 (MST)

My efforts to send the cirrus clouds to the south yielded
clear skies tonight.  This is a preliminary report since
I will need to review the 200 or so timings I made and 
field notes before submitting a final report.

The initial set of bright flashes were seens at about
02:28 UT (18 Feb 97).  Am not certain that I can determine
a mid point but will say about 02:33 UT.   I did notice
a difference in brightest between the flashes at 11.7 sec
intervals.  Will probably use that to determine the mid

Took about 20 seconds to try to see it visually.  Gibbous
moon impacted attempt but will assume from negative sighting
that the maximum magnitude is in the 4th magnitude range.

There was a lesser bright period around 02:50 UT.

I did observe the Mike McCants (et al) period of brightness
centered about 3:49 UT.  It was observed until it went into
shadow around 3:03 UT.

Shadow exit flashes seen at about 04:49.6 UT but was not 
observing prior to that.   During the interval, the less than
11.7 sec period flashes were more obvious.  The flashes 
"seemed" to be less distinct, that is, a longer duration.

Observed until 04:36 UT to see if another set of bright flashes
was visible: but none detected. 

Ron Lee