Observations Monday Evening (Feb. 18 UT)

Robert Sheaffer (sheaffer@netcom.com)
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 23:11:08 -0800

Observations Monday evening, local time (Feb. 18, 1997 UT)

02:41  UT  Culmination of #14032 Cosmos 1455. Mag approx. 4, "on time".

02:53:37 Appulse of unexpected satellite with Delta Hydrae (mag 4.2),
         satellite magnitude approx same as star. Matches well with
         predicted path of #5282, Cosmos 426 rocket. However, the
         predicted magnitude of that satellite using the magnitude in
         Moclzan.tle is only 5.8. Hence, it was at least 1.5 mags
         brighter than expected.

02:57:15 Culmination of #7418, Cosmos 673 rocket. (approx 15 s late)

03:25:00 Zenith pass of unidentified satellite, mag approx 5, moving
         north to south. Was looking for 21610, ERS-1 Rocket, which
         would be moving from south to north.
         Apparently tumbling, not observed long
         enough to measure period. Passed into shadow at 03:25:12.
         Subsequent analysis failed to identify any likely

I keept looking over in the direction of Superbird A, in between
this other stuff. I didn't see anything happening.

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