Re: Possible New Brilliant Geosync Flasher

Robert Sheaffer (
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 22:42:14 -0800 (PST)

Philip Chien
> Anik D1 is a Hughes HS-376 spinner.  It's about 7' (2.16 meters) in
> diameter, and 21' (6.62 meters) tall in orbit.  Since it's a relatively
> small satellite, and a spin stabilized satellite, I would doubt that there
> would be much differences in its brightness as it spins, and strongly doubt
> that it could reach a magnitude of one.
> As a guess - if it is a geosynchrnous flasher, then it's likely to be an
> international satellite (e.g. a Gorizont) or a satellite which may or may
> not exist (e.g. NRO).
> If you can give an estimate of the longitude of the satellite in the
> geosync belt, then I could look at the satellites in that area, and which
> ones could be logical choices for flashers (large satellites with extended
> solar arrays).

Well, since we don't know the exact time, we can't say for certain
where it would lie in the Clarke belt. Someone else pointed out that
geosats 21019, 15235, and 14133 would be in the vicinity about 20:18.
The latter two are SBS4 and Anik C2, so I doubt if they're flashing.
However, 21019 is Blok-DM2, which is a "drifter", and hence a


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