Unknown Satellite Observation

sbolton (sbolton@nbnet.nb.ca)
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 20:02:38 -0400

An amateur astronomer posted the following observation on sci.astro.amateur.
He wanted the satellite identified but I can't seem to identify it - any
help out there.

Location   Perth Australia    Lat -31.5  Long  115.5 E
Date Feb 10, 1997.
Time  0019 local      (Local is GMT + 8)
Details- Sat observed with 17.5 inch telescope, est mag 13.
The sat moved "very slowly and was flashing rapidly".
It took 30 minutes to cross a 0.5 degree field.
Field located at RA 11h 16m  Dec + 17 deg

This puts it just east of the triangle of Leo.

                                     Steve Bolton