Superbird A: Colorado; 17 Feb 97 UT

Ron Lee (
Sun, 16 Feb 1997 20:10:41 -0700 (MST)

Observed with 8" telescope in Falcon, CO (USA)

Cirrus clouds prevented obs similar to last night and
attempt of naked eye magnitude estimation.

First flash seen shortly before 2:30 UT.  Timed 3 flashes
with 23.4 sec period then the 11.7 sec flashes ran from 
2:31:10.0 to 2:34:40.3 UT (19 flashes /18 intervals)

This yields a 11.68 sec half period or 23.37 sec full period
(normal errors apply).

Halfway between the start and end times of the 11.68 sec 
interval is 2:32:55.1 UT, which I will assume is the
brightest time.

Magnitude estimate is very uncertain.   Last night it was
VERY bright.  I moved the scope over to Procyon when done
and compared the brightness.   It was possibly comparable
but differing thicknesses of clouds impact that assessment.
However, max magnitude in the range of 2 might be accurate.
Procyon is about magnitude 0.4).

Did not attempt to see if bright flashes occurred at the 
same time Mike McCants and Paul Maley observed them .

Ron Lee
104.5614 W, 38.9478 N, 2073 m  (MST or UT-7)