Superbird A *flash* predictions?

Ed Cannon (
Sat, 15 Feb 1997 02:18:44 -0600

Clear weather is predicted here for the next 24-36 hours or more, so
can anyone provide Superbird A (89-041A, 20040) *flash* predictions for
Saturday/Sunday night, Feb. 15/16, for Austin, Texas (30.30N, 97.73W)?  
I have Highfly position predictions for the satellite every half hour 
from 1:05 a.m. until 12:05 p.m. UT on Feb. 16 (7:05 p.m. CST on 2/15 to 
6:05 a.m. CST on 2/16).

I just looked but didn't see any magnitude 3 flashes at the predicted
position, or anything in binoculars either.  (I was not at a very dark 
location for this; limiting magnitude may be as poor as 4.0 or 4.5.
In a few hours I'm going to try for a triple -- STS-82/HST, Hale-Bopp,
and Superbird A -- from a somewhat better location.)

Thank you for any assistance.

Ed Cannon
Austin, Texas, USA
30.308N, 97.728W