Re: Mystery object close to

14 Feb 1997 14:23:43 -0800

Hi Jim,

Perhaps your video feed was better than my local cable channel -- everything
was kind of "snowy".  Could well have been a small piece of Shuttle-related
debris.  However, I have discovered one problem with what I was watching.  It
couldn't have been live.  At 12:22am PST when I was watching, the Orbiter and
HST were sunlit.  A few minutes later they went into the terminator.  I also
recall a voice-over saying they were over the Atlantic Ocean.  But at 12:22am,
the Shuttle and HST were over the south Pacific -- in darkness!  So, what I
was seeing was obviously a playback.  Does anyone know what time they grappled
HST?  At the time I observed this scintillating object in the video, the
Shuttle was still approaching HST very slowly at a range of perhaps 50 to 100
feet, closing at about 1 ft/sec.  If I can find out what time this was, I can
see if any known objects were near the pair.

Hi Rob,

I was watching too and I got the inpression that it was a bit of local
debris from the payload bay. It seemed to be flashing at about a 2 Hz

Just an opnion,

jim byrd