identity of Unknown sat

Eberst (
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 21:25:47 GMT

 On Feb. 10 I made two fixes on an unknown satellite. I could not
immediately identify it as it did not appear in my predictions.
(This was due to setting the magnitude limit too high, as I found
out later). So I distributed the two observations designating it as
an unknown, and within hours I received messages giving the correct
identity of the object from four different independent analysts.
So my thanks go to Daniel Karcher, David Brierley, George Lewis and
Mike McCants who all came up with 82-109A.  It generates a wonderful
feeling of teamwork and support when such a response is forthcoming.
best wishes               Russell  Eberst
North:  55 degrees, 56 minutes, 55 seconds
West:    3 degrees,  8 minutes, 18 seconds     43metres (150 feet)